Gamechanger Audio Wet Mode Footswitch for Plus Pedal

The footswitch is a remote foot - controller for engaging the PLUS Pedal’s WET mode on the fly. The player is able to mute and unmute the dry sound at any moment – before, after and in the middle of sustaining notes. This allows to build up a rich layer of ambient sound effects without hearing the pick attack. The Footswitch functions also as a kill switch on a pedalboard. The DRY OUT can be routed to another amp or a tuner pedal.

  • More control on a dark stage with WET mode status LED (not available on the main unit)

  • More signal routing options with dry output

  • Included TRS cable to connect to the main unit

When using the Footswitch (plugged into “CLEAN OUT/FSW” on the PLUS Pedal), you can still access the DRY only sig nal through a DRY OUT output on the Footswitch