GFI Systems Enieqma 10-Band Programmable EQ Platform

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Enieqma is a multipurpose equalizer that contains a 5-band full parametric EQ, a ‘simple EQ class’ featuring 7 classic tone stacks, and a 3-band midrange equalizer that emulates the Pultec Midrange EQ processor.

Enieqma features full stereo capabilities, flexible routing, and an extensive library of ready-to-use prototype EQs that covers everything from simple lowpass/highpass filters to elaborate cabsim filters, and beyond.

Enieqma is the ultimate tone shaping tool for musicians. With its three powerful EQ engines: a 5‐band full Parametric EQ, Simple EQs (tonestacks, baxandall, tilt, etc), and an emulation of the revered Pultec MEQ‐5 midrange EQ processor, Enieqma offers unprecedented equalization capabilities in a pedal format.

Enieqma’s EQ engine can be harnessed not only for general purpose tone shaping, but also for realizing specific tonal effects such as guitar/bass speaker frequency responses, telephone, old radios, wah pedals, etc. To help users get up to speed and quickly tap into the power of Enieqma, we have provided a solid built‐in library of ready‐to‐use prototype EQs that covers everything from simple lowpass/highpass filters to elaborate cabsim filters.

Pristine sound quality
Advanced algorithms and circuit design techniques, plus high performance converters, were employed to ensure sonic fidelity and achieve very low noise floor, without resorting to noise suppressor.

Ease of use
Equalization, specially with a parametric EQ, can at times be a daunting task, filled with technical jargons that are not really helpful. All those power and capabilities would go to waste without an effective and user friendly interface. With Enieqma we have gone all out to make sure that everything that the pedal offers can be quickly accessed, with no deep menus nor dependency to computer apps!

Stereo Expander and Limiters are optional and can be disabled. These two processing elements can be configured in the Options menu.

The EQ, the Limiter, and the Booster have 2 channels: channel L and channel R. The two channels can be configured as Linked (their parameter settings are identical) or as Independent (they can have different parameter settings). Very flexible routing configurations allow Enieqma to be used as a true stereo EQ or as a mono EQ in a pre‐post equalization setup (see chapter 11 ‐ Routing Configurations). Booster provides up to +15dB of clean boost. The booster is independent of the EQ, i.e it can be activated even when the EQ is off. The state of the booster is also saved as part of a preset. Therefore you can use the booster as a stand alone booster effect, or as part of the preset system.