Greer Amplification Sonic Boom

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The Sonic Boom is a fat, glassy clean boost. This beauty came out back in the day. It was 1999, we were partying like it was 1999, the world was chaos (yet a bit more controlled, somehow), and we all had amps that needed to be PUSHED! There were some options on the scene, but not a lot. A vintage booster from back in the day happened upon Nick’s desk for repair and after a very minor tweak or two, the Sonic Boom was created. The Sonic Boom became the secret weapon of many studio musicians, touring musicians, weekend warriors, and professional home owners everywhere. I mean this thing was all over the place! We keep getting asked if we will build these again, so here we are. These will be built in short run batches when we can sling them out. If you’re looking to fatten that tone and give it some of that glassy roundness, this beauty is the ticket. It stacks into drives amazingly well, too…just to add that little bit of oomph to those already loved overdriven tones! It has a true bypass footswitch, blue LED, and runs off a 9 volt power supply. Look at that awesome sparkle blue finish…amazing, eh?!




Sparkle blue.