Jam Pedals Harmonious Monk MK.2

Building on JAM pedals’ award-winning collaboration with That Pedal Show, mk.2 retains the original’s all-analogue circuitry and modern-classic tone, but adds features to make it even more useful and functional on guitar, keys and anything else!

The headline new feature is Tap & Ramp mode. You can now tap the time of your tremolo using the second switch, but a longer press will ramp to a second speed that can be set anywhere you like. You can also set the rate of the ramp between the two tremolo speeds.

There are now three selectable LFOs (instead of two) providing varying shapes of modulation in both Harmonic and Amplitude modes: sine wave, square wave and reverse sawtooth. That means you can dial in everything from subtle, vintage-inspired tremolos all the way to otherworldly staccato choppiness!

Mk.2 also has a Legacy mode, so everything you know about mk.1 can remain intact if you prefer it that way… with an additional option on the rate of the second, preset speed.

Depth and mix controls enable you to set the effect intensity to sit perfectly in your tone, and should you wish to tweak further, there are internal trimmers for bass, midrange and treble EQ on the effected signal. We have added an input gain control to optimise Harmonious Monk mk.2 in environments other than a traditional guitar rig.

Harmonious Monk mk.1 remains a truly awesome and inspiring tool. Mk.2 spreads some features icing on an already incredible sonic cake!

The mk.2 comes with the Tap & Ramp mode preselected.

In order to switch between the Tap & Ramp and Legacy modes, keep both footswitches pressed until the LEDs blink, indicating mode change.

Only available while in the Tap & Ramp mode.

A prolonged press of the TAP footswitch will engage ramping from the original to the fixed user-selectable speed.

In order to determine the fixed user- selectable speed, while keeping the TAP footswitch pressed, adjust the Speed potentiometer to taste - make sure to return the Speed to the original position after releasing the TAP footswitch.

In order to determine how long it takes to travel from the original speed to the fixed user-selectable speed, while keeping the TAP footswitch pressed, adjust the Depth potentiometer to taste - make sure to return the Depth to the original position after releasing the TAP footswitch.

Only available while in the Legacy mode.

An instantaneous press of the TAP footswitch will engage and disengage the speed multiplying function.

There are 2 available factors: x2 and x1.5 (dotted feel). In order to change the multiplication factor, keep the TAP footswitch pressed until you see 2 TAP
LED blinks for the x2 factor or 3 TAP LED blinks for the x1.5 factor.

While in the Amplitude mode and with the Square LFO selected, you can
activate the CHOP effect (kill-dry) which effectively alternates between sound and complete silence. While in the aforementioned settings, simply turn the Depth potentiometer all the way up (to the right) for the CHOP effect to kick in.

- D = Depth of tremolo effect
- S = Speed (rate) of tremolo modulation
- L = Master volume Level
- M = Mix between dry and effected signal

- Top 2-way toggle switch: Top position for Harmonic, bottom position for Amplitude tremolo modes
- Lower 3-way toggle switch: Top position for Square, middle position for Sine, bottom position for Reverse Sawtooth LFO shapes

- LEFT: Turns the pedal ON / OFF

- IN: Input
- OUT: Output
- 9V: 9V DC power (see specifications)

- TOP ROW of 3: LEFT: Treble EQ | MIDDLE: Midrange EQ | RIGHT: Bass EQ controls only for wet (effected) sound
- LOWEST TRIMMER: Adjusts the input gain of the pedal’s wet path - this will affect the wet signal’s output level

- True Bypass
- Works with 9V DC adaptor (centre- negative, isolated power supply

- Power consumption (max): 145 mA
- Dimensions (jacks, pots etc. included): 7.5 x 12 x 5.6cm / 2.9 x 4.7 x 2.2 inches
- Weight: 300g / 0.66lbs
- Output and input are in-phase