KHDK Abyss Bass Overdrive

Abyss is built for bass players who want full control over their sound.

Abyss is an homage to bass players and their pursuit of the ultimate tone.
- Kirk Hammett, Metallica

The power of the Abyss is in its mix controls: a separate volume for your original amp tone and another for adding a powerful, overdriven tone. Unlike overdrives with a simple blend knob, the Dirty and Clean channels allow you to perfectly shape your tone, adding just the right amount of clean vs overdriven signal.

It's the best bass overdrive I've ever played.
- Frank Bello, Anthrax

Great for rhythm playing, the Abyss provides a warm, tube-like boost and a subtle crunchy overdrive. For soloing or a more powerful rhythm, the “hi” setting adds saturation, sustain, low end and compression.

Utilizing bi-amp technology with two discrete circuits, the Abyss divides your signal down two paths. One of them stores your dynamic and color, the other adds an overdriven sound with fullness and punch. As the two circuits reconnect, the result is your original sound made more powerful, fuller and richer.

Like all KHDK pedals, the Abyss is crafted and quality-tested in Kentucky, USA.