Krank Amplification Krankenstein Dimebag 4x12" Cabinet

You're looking at an excellent condition Krank Amplification Krankenstein Dimebag 4x12" Cabinet. This cabinet is awesome and ready to rock.

- Model: DC2028
- Impedance: 16 Ohm Parallel
- Power: 600 Watts
- Speakers: Eminence Texas Heat

This solid wood cabinet produces the best tone and maximum amount of volume a high-end cab could offer. It's the perfect cab for hard rock and metal players.

he acoustics and construction of Krank speaker cabinets are unique among high-end cabs. All Krank speaker cabinets feature genuine solid-wood construction, a tour-proof interlocking corner design, quick release all-steel front grills, large resonating chambers, touring handles and casters. Krank cabinets are loaded with USA designed and built Eminence speakers because they deliver unsurpassed sound and performance every time you fire them up! The Krankenstein 4 x 12 Speaker Cabinet features 4 Eminence Texas Heat speakers.

A common misconception is that all guitar cabinets are created equal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Krank Revolution Series speaker cabinets are so different in design and sound that they crush the competition. They are the final leg of the journey in our quest for the holy grail of tone. All Krank's cabinets are made out of solid wood, unlike other manufacturers who use plywood, chipboard, particleboard, laminated wood, etc. Cheap wood equals Cheap tone. Solid wood resonates and sounds huge! Would you play a plywood or particleboard guitar? Of course not! So why would you settle for a cabinet made out of these materials? In addition, these cabinets are oversized, which creates the biggest, chest-pounding low-end in the business.