Meris LVX Modular Delay System

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Modular Delay System with pro audio heritage, advanced processing and high performance signal path.

LVX is a Modular Delay System which breaks the paradigm of pre-set delay types in favor of freedom and flexibility. A completely new UI and user experience has been designed from the ground up to make LVX immediately intuitive to navigate. The architecture of LVX allows ultimate creative freedom to design a custom delay. The pedal features discrete processing elements and control signal modifiers that can be connected as desired for nearly infinite flexibility in crafting custom sounds.

Ultimate Creative Machine
– 5 Pin DIN MIDI I/O Jacks
– Line/Synth Level
– Expression Pedal Jack
– USB-C (for firmware updates only)
– True Stereo Processing
– 9VDC center-negative power (at least 300mA)

- Modular Delay System architecture
- 2540mS of Highly Configurable Dual Delay
- Advanced ARM Processor
- Configurable Delay Structures, Types, and Processing Elements for the ultimate customization in delay processing
- Intuitive Color Screen based User Interface
- Always Available True Stereo 60 Second Looper
- 99 Preset Locations in 33 Banks
- Favorite Preset Bank for instant access to your 3 favorite presets
- Instant Access Tuner with configurable Reference and Output mode
- Deep Modifier Section lets you Route Control Signals to Processing Parameters
- True Stereo Processing Elements (Poly Pitch Shifter operates in mono)
- All New Processing Elements including Preamps, Granulize, Cassette, Poly Pitch, and more
- Includes Processing Elements from the Meris family: Polymoon, Hedra, Enzo, and Ottobit Jr.
- Selectable Note Divisions for each side of the stereo Dual Delay
- Digitally controlled Analog mix bus
- Stereo input and output with separate jacks for each
- Switchable input/output headroom level for Instrument or Synthesizer / Line levels
- MIDI In and Out over standard MIDI Din Jacks
- Assignable Expression Pedal control for multiple parameters simultaneously
- Dedicated Expression Pedal Jack
- MIDI implementation for Continuous Control Parameters
- MIDI Preset Send and Receive
- MIDI beat clock synchronization
- Premium analog signal path and 24-bit AD/DA w/32 bit floating point DSP
- Premium Analog Devices JFET input section
- Dimmable screen and logo light
- Color – white powder coat with fine iridescent flake
- Designed and built in California, U.S.A.

- Conversion 24 bit A/D and D/A
- DSP 32 bit floating point
- Sample Rate 48000 Hz
- Input Impedance 1 Meg Ohm
- SNR 115 dB Typical
- Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
- Max Input Level +9 dBu (instrument level setting)
- +12.5 dBu (line/synth level setting)
- Power 9V DC center-negative, 300mA, 2.1mm jack
- Bypass Selectable True Bypass (Relay) or Analog Buffered Bypass
- Dimensions 7.25” wide, 4.5” long, 2” tall. (Same depth and height as all other pedals.)
- Weight 24 ounces