Mojo Hand FX Swim Team Chorus - Flanger

The Swim Team multi- chorus/ flanger pedal. This pedal features an original quad chorus design teamed up with a classically inspired flanger. The two programs are push button selectable, and offer many variations of these two “swimmy” sounding effects. Classic early chorus effect is also attainable by using lower feedback in the Flanger setting, making the Swim Team one of the most versatile and easy to dial in modulation pedals of its' kind!

The Swim Team pedal features include:
- Push button selection for Chorus or Flanger
- Controls for Rate and Depth in each program.
- The Mix control for the Chorus doubles as a Feedback control in the Flanger setting.
- 9v Standard center negative power supply only (not included), no battery provision
- True bypass with soft touch silent switching design
- Durable Aqua/Silver Vein powder coat finish
- Made in USA, lifetime warranty
- Dimensions: 4.31” L, 2.31” W, 1.19” H