Morley 20/20 Distortion Wah Pedal

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Short on pedalboard space? Need wah and distortion? The 20/20 Distortion Wah is the answer to your problem, packing both a classic wah voicing and a high-quality distortion effect into a pedal that’s a fraction of the size of Morley’s classic-sized models. The wah is great for both rhythm and lead work, while the distortion comes equipped with Drive, Level, and Tone controls for maximum versatility. Morley’s acclaimed electro-optical design ensures whisper-quiet performance, while switch-less operation makes it child's play to activate — just step on the glow-in-the-dark treadle to engage and step off to bypass. What’s more, its premium buffer circuit prevents signal loss and maintains your tone. The Morley 20/20 Distortion wah pedal features a rugged cold-rolled steel housing, dual LED indicators, and quick-clip battery door.

  • Wah Guitar Effect Pedal with Electro-optical Design
  • Disttion with Drive/Level/Tone Controls
  • Switch-less Operation
  • Buffer Circuit