Mythos Pedals Argo Octave Fuzz

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Octave fuzz & clean blend? Imagine the possibilities!

Named after Jason and the Argonauts ship, the Argo easy to use fuzz box will transport you to new lands with blissful sonic exploration. Based on the much sought after C.O.B. pedal, the Argo allows you to have a boosted clean tone and a fuzz octave sound with a blend control to dial in the perfect level of filth.

The Fuzz control when runs the gamut of classic octave fuzz tones, from Hendrix, SRV, Doyle Bramhall II and more. Like most vintage octave boxes the Argo reacts best with single coils above the 10th fret, rolling back your volume helps the octave jump out as well. The octave up effect is ever present, but fuzz control has a huge range of gain. With the fuzz set to minimum you get a slightly gnarly clean octave up, when set to max it’s an all out fuzz explosion.