Old Blood Noise Endeavors Beam Splitter

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Ever inspired by the concept of embiggening sound, Old Blood Noise Endeavors have created a device that goes beyond doubling, offering three overdrives spread apart in time to create three instruments out of one. With three different overdrive voices, and control over the delay time, feedback, and time variation of two of those voices, Beam Splitter creates a trio out of a solo player, in parallel mono, stereo, or trereo.

Beam Splitter takes one signal and makes three copies of it, each with differing overdrive voices and delay times. It is specifically our way of creating a huge sound out of a regular one. Output can be kept in parallel mono or split individually to three places. While the goal is singular bigness, you can also find strange filters, flangers, lo-fi vibratos, and trailing slap-back echoes using the delay controls and blending everything to taste.

Controls include:
- Gain, Volume, and Tone to shape the amount of distortion, overall volume, and brightness of each drive section
- Time to introduce delays up to 125mS on the green and blue sections
- Decay to add intense filtering or trailing delays, depending on Time
- Deviate to randomly vary the delay time, giving a more natural feel and chorus effect
- Top jacks for summed parallel mono output or split output for each drive
- Expression jack to externally control Deviate knob
- Soft-touch bypass footswitch for true bypass and minimal switch noise