Old Blood Noise Endeavors MTET MIDI to Expression Translator

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Realizing matching gaps in the market and their friends’ workflows, OBNE is pleased to introduce MTET: the MIDI to Expression Translator. MTET is a simple device for complex workflows. It receives MIDI CC messages and turns them into expression outputs, allowing players to unlock MIDI control over their expression-enabled devices. Where once there was only a foot, now there is envelope control, LFO control, snapping to preset positions: any MIDI shape can express an OBNE (or similar) device.

- MTET Features:
- Four individual expression outputs
- Expression compatibility with any TRS expression enabled device where tip is connected to wiper
- CC control over LSB for 8-bit resolution from a 50K digipot
- MIDI Thru jack for easy daisy chaining
- 9V DC power with low current draw