Old Blood Noise Endeavors BL-52 Phase Repeater

Further pushing the boundary of clock-defined pedals, the BL-52 is a phase repeater, a genre entirely their own. Phase repetition takes the modulation of a phaser and applies it to the realm of time, creating a sound entirely its own and more like delay or reverb than its namesake phaser. First used in their Dweller pedal, BL-52 represents a new spin on the sound, with simple controls including a Clock slider that informs the timing of everything in the pedal.

BL-52 Features:
- Clock slider to change the delay time, LFO speed and overall fidelity of the effect, from faster repeats to time-stretched lo-fi
- Feedback knob to enhance the intensity of the phase repetition by further lengthening the trails
- Soft touch footswitch to engage or bypass the effect
- Mix control to set dry/wet mix
- Volume control to set overall volume
- 9V DC power