OOPEGG Super Retro Fuzz / OZZ-1

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OOPEGG handmade fuzz pedal modified with a vintage fuzz circuit and well-selected BC549C silicon semiconductor. It produces smooth and roaring low-mid, and high-gain sound that makes us useful in strumming crunch and lead guitar solo etc. We designed it with simple control (fuzz and volume knob) that produces super long sustain with very low noise.

Setting Examples
EX.1) Lead guitar solo by turning up both of volume and fuzz knob close to maximum
EX.2) Strumming by turning up both of volume and fuzz knob to the center(12 o’clock)
EX.3) Crunch sound by turning down the volume knob of your guitar.
EX.4) Adding boost with high-gain tube amplifier or overdrive pedal by turning up
the volume knob and turning down the fuzz knob.

Panel Descriptions
1 Input: The input jack accepts
input signals (coming from a guitar,
Some other musical instrument, or
another effects unit).
2 Output: The output jack is used to
connect the unit to an amplifier or
another effects unit.
3 DC Input: Accepts connection of
AC Adaptor with OUT DC 9V Power
supply (negative).
4 FUZZ Knob: This adjusts the gain and sustain level of the Fuzz effect. Rotating the
knob clockwise will deepen the effect.
5 VOLUME Knob: This adjusts the output volume and effect level.
6 LED Indicator: This Indicator shows whether an effect is on/off.
7 Pedal Switch: Used for switching effects on/off.
8 Internal Gain Control Trim: This adjusts the input gain level. When you hear any signal
noise when you’ll turn the volume knob of your guitar to 0(Zero), please turn the trim
pot clockwise if less overall noise is needed.

Brand / Model: OOPEGG Super Retro Fuzz / OZZ-1
Effect: Fuzz
Input Terminal: 1/4Inch Phone IN.OUT
Input Level: +3dBu
Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Output Impedance:100KΩ
True Bypass
Power: DC9V 2.1mm Center Pin Negative or 9V Battery(006P)
Power Consumption: Max 5mAh
Size(Body): 65(W) x 122(D) x 40(H) in mm
Net Weight: 280(g)
Accessory: OOPEGG TOP HAT mini / Blue x 1