Pigtronix 2NR Chromatic Tuner

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The Pigtronix 2NR is a no-nonsense, high-precision chromatic tuner pedal for guitar and bass. It features a large, high-contrast LED screen and ultra-fast pitch detection software that makes tuning quick and easy for musicians of every skill level.

2NR intentionally contains no extraneous features. There are no alternate modes or opportunities for accidental frustration. The pedal exists solely to help musicians tune their instrument to 440 Hz standard concert pitch as quickly and accurately as possible.

When 2NR is activated, the output is muted. When the pedal is not in use, relay-based, true bypass switching ensures that 100% of your tone passes through the pedal without any loss of fidelity. Housed in a robust aluminum chassis, 2NR is built for a lifetime of onstage performance. Pigtronix 2NR runs on standard 9VDC power.