Porter Guitars Custom Khrosis - #19-004 - w/3 Loaded Pickguards

Available for Immediate Pick-Up In-Store

This is a B-Stock item. It's in perfect working condition. The Tortoise Pickguard does shown signs of light playing that has happened while people tried out the guitar.  The Black & the White pickguards are in perfect condition.

This is a beautiful, highly versatile guitar for the guitarist who loves natural finishes, super smooth necks and 3 sets of easily interchanged pickups / pickguards

The word Khrosis comes from the word explaining the process of a Chameleon chaining its colors. The Khrosis is a true tone changing machine. Great for the studio or the player who can’t make up their mind. Each khrosis pickguard can be swapped out in a matter of minutes thanks to our quick connect pickguard system that requires no soldering. The guards are held in place by thread inserts installed into the body and stainless steel machine screws.

The Khrosis was created to feature and house our own Porter Pickups and be a solid instrument that you can arm with countless tones for any situation.

For those of you who aren't very familiar with Porter Guitars, they create custom made electric guitars born from a chase of tone and to be uniquely yours. They build tone machines! Porter Guitars consists of a small team of builders passionate about making instruments that work well for a variety of styles and inspire the players who play them. With our extensive knowledge of Pickup design at Porter Pickups, they create guitars with not only killer looks, but killer tone!


  • Body Wood: Black Limba
  • Neck Wood: Black Limba, Oil Finished
  • Fretboard Wood: Indian Ebony
  • Pickups: (3) Porter 9T, Vintage Custom Single Coils & Smooth-Classic Humbuckers
  • Medium C Shape Neck.
  • Medium Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets
  • Gator Journeyman Hardshell Case
  • 25.5” Scale Length
  • String Through Body
  • 12” fretboard Radius
  • Graphtech Nut 1 5/8" (Some will slightly vary)
  • Hipshot Locking Tuners and Hard Tail Bridge
  • Emerson Pro Pots, Oil Capacitor
  • Dunlop Flush Mount Strap Locks
  • Weight: 7lbs. 6.2oz.


Vintage Custom SSS Pickups w/ Tortoise Pickguard
The Porter Vintage Customs get their name because of the blend of vintage style coil wire with modern coil design. We added some new touches and features with this set to provide a more focused tone. The VC’s feature even height and bevelled AlNiCo 5 magnets resulting in a good string to string balance and a focused tone, with a little more output and aggression,but a smothered less aggressive response. The Vintage Custom set comes complete with vintage style grey bottom bobbins, and the bridge position features a steel baseplate to tame some of the highs normally found in that position. We feel the added bridge baseplate is a perfect complement to the even height magnets.

This set is for those who like the vintage tones, but need more power from the their pickups 

9T Pickups w/White Pickguard
The Porter 9T neck gives you a nice clear and full tone without getting too muddy or too twangy. It will still provide the P90 “push” but remains thick in the mix.

The Porter 9T bridge pickup gives you that huge P90 tone without any extra modifications to your guitar. The 9T bridge is very aggressive, driving your amp harder while still giving you the flexibility of adjusting each pole under each string. The 9T bridge responds well to volume changes and clean up as you roll the knob down. We like to run these pickups at different heights depending on the results and aggressiveness you want.

The Porter 9T Set works particularly well to tame otherwise bright or harsh guitars. Turn it up!


Smooth / Classic Humbuckers w/ Black Pickguard
Porter Smooth Humbucker Pickups have great mid range but also distort smoothly. They also have good clean and sustain for a well balanced pickup. The Smooth Humbucker shines with light overdrive and riffs, and has a non-harsh tone for strumming and complex clean chord applications. They have a little more low end tone than other pickups we sell, but don’t get too muddy. The Smooth Humbucker Pickups feature a AlNiCo II magnet, and can be wound to your specs depending on the output you are looking for.

Porter Classic Humbucker Pickups offer a great vintage tone that is nice and warm, but distorts smoothly. They feature a AlNiCo V magnet, and can be wound to your specs depending on the output you are looking for. The pickups would match with any type of guitar from solid bodies to hollows. The Classic Humbuckers provide a nice clean sound in the neck position, and a good cut through tone in the bridge position without being too shrill. Try a Classic with a little overdrive, or a cranked amp and it will go from a nice break-up tone, and clean up as you roll the volume pot down

Neck Position: Smooth
Bridge Position: Classic


    All Porter Guitars are custom built in Boise, ID.