Rainger FX Snare Trap Rhythm Device

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SNARE TRAP harkens back to the simpler times of analog-sourced percussive sounds (Snare, Bass Drum, High Hat) rhythmically arranged not by steps and sequences but by simplistic feel and even unplanned accidents. Each sound source has its own essential modifiers that allow for rapid creativity. Eurorack and other modular synth users will find not only audio out and sync jacks but also independent CV trigger inputs for all three percussive sounds. Any instrument can be side-chained via a 1/4" audio input jack. A responsive surface pad (designed for use with both hands and feet) is there not only for stand-alone tap-tempo purposes but also to create fills and white noise bursts. See the video below for at least a glimpse into this beautifully create device.

  • The Snare Trap is a beatbox you play guitar or keyboard/synth through! It can be used on a desk (by hand) or on the floor (by foot). It has handy shortcuts to get a beat going quickly.

  • It has built-in delay, low-pass filter, side-chaining, beats and instrument mixed to a single mono output.

  • Use the internal tap tempo (correctible), or trigger the sounds individually with external triggers.

  • It's an analogue/digital hybrid, the tap-tempo, delay, and white noise part of the snare and hi-hat being digital, all else analogue. 

  • To get a beat going, push the red PAD button in, and tap in your tempo using the big pad (adjustable at any time with single or multiple hits).

  • To erase the tempo and start again, press and hold the big pad for one second.

  • Push the red PAD button out to switch the big pad function back to white noise fills.

  • The first bass drum is always on the '1', the snare drum on the '2' and '4'.

  • The second bass drum - BD2 - is moveable, using the 'BD2 knob'. Start with it fully CCW - with BD2 on the '3' - and as you turn the knob the bass drum moves later and later ...

  • Add in delay on the snare drum to create more rhythms and dub-like effects ...

  • The 'HH 4s' button switches the hi-hat from the default '8s' pattern, to offbeat '4s'.

  • The 'CUT-OFF' control is a low pass filter, acting over the beats (leaving instrument unaffected) *    Press the 'side chain' button to add sidechaining to your instrument.

  • The LFO button adds modulation to the 'CUT-OFF' control.