Redbeard Effects Red Mist

Every player is looking for something to define their tone and set them apart.

The Red Mist MKIV is our alternative to the countless generic, muddy / ice-pick sounding drives out there in the wild. With an emphasis on originality and the highest quality engineering, we wanted to craft a new and unique sounding drive pedal. The Red Mist MKIV is a focused, crunchy, tight drive that can spice up your tone anywhere from a tasty sizzle, all the way up to almost unbearable levels of blistering heat.

The Red Mist MKIV is not a clone or copy of any predecessor but an original circuit design built from the ground up, designed with the goal of pushing your sound into new and exciting territories.

Designed to work seamlessly in any analogue or digital rig, the Red Mist MKIV will take your crunchy amp to next level distortion, or turn even the smallest of clean amps into a full on destruction machine. At the lowest gain settings, it performs as a Boost. At higher gain settings the Red Mist MKIV expands into cascading harmonics, percussive razor-edged grind and gnarly feedback - all while allowing glorious string definition and gobs of character.

The Red Mist MKIV is an obsessively designed pedal offering truly amp-like saturation - its secret weapon being an extremely versatile 'Mids' control, allowing you to shape tones that are, frankly, crushing. Anything from fat and round without being saggy, or bright & edgy without being harsh.

  • Carve your tone from a clean boost, to a modest crunch all the way up to high gain insanity!

  • Powerful, Active 3-band EQ Controls

  • 100% Analogue Circuit

  • True Bypass

  • Highest quality components and construction

  • Custom powdercoated and anodised enclosure

Like all our pedals, the Red Mist MKIV was dreamt up, designed, engineered, built, tested and packaged in the UK by hand.