Silktone Overdrive+ Dark

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“What is there to say about an overdrive? They’re everywhere. Didn’t want to re- invent the wheel, just wanted to make a wheel that could sound beautiful... or rip faces off. I’ve always maintained that the best drive pedal is the kind that drives you to the store to get p90s and a real amp. I wanted to make one that made me eat my words.” -Charles Henry

The overdrive+ is an original circuit with a whole range of both familiar and unique tones - from low gain always-on tonal enhancer to ripping high gain lead machine. With a combination of JFETs, op-amps and a few diodes inside it really covers a lot of ground.

The op-amp is used for gain and buffering and is raised to around 30 volts so it never clips, even when another pedal is stacked in front. All clipping is crafted from the JFETs or the diodes.

In addition to standard VOL, TONE, and GAIN controls you'll find a bass cut switch for perfectly tightening things up and a clipping mode switch to swap between symmetric or asymmetric clipping styles (symmetric is smoother, asymmetric is more natural and textured).

The strangle/raw boost is where it gets really cool. Think of this as the + part of overdrive+. It’s a very colorfully voiced dirty boost that adds gain and a ton of 2nd harmonic distortion to the signal. STRANGLE uses a resonant filter for a subtle cocked wah thing and RAW removes this filter turning it into a full range boost.

Use a center-negative 9 volt DC power supply. Do not supply more than 9 volts. Current draw: ~30mA