Solid Gold FX Aurras

The Aurras Optical Vibraphase—a powerful effects pedal named after the goddess of sound, meets the legacy of its predecessor the Athena Vibraphase in a harmonious blend of legendary, vintage Uni-Vibe textures and innovative, modern prowess. 

  • 100% analog audio path from input to output. 
  • 2-stage asymmetric phase shifter built around a pair of selected and individually controlled opto-isolators. 
  • Dry Mix for tones and textures ranging from soft Vibrato to lush Uni-Vibe like sounds. 
  • Dual LFO setup powered by a microprocessor, providing limitless sonic flexibility. 
  • LFO Frequency and Phase Offset modes for increased versatility.  
  • The Frequency Offset adds rhythmic patterns by slowing down the second LFO, while the Phase Offset fine-tunes the throb by introducing asymmetry between the LFOs. 
  • Soft-touch relay-based true bypass switching, on-board tap tempo and speed ramping, expression pedal input.  

Technical Information:
  • Pedal Type: Phaser/Uni-Vibe 
  • Inputs: ¼" Mono 
  • Outputs: ¼" Mono 
  • Power:9VDC-25MA 
  • Shipping Weight: 0.89 lbs 
  • Dimensions: 4.8” x 2.6” x 2.25"