Solid Gold FX Supa Funk

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We got the funk, we got the funk, yeah…..we got the Supa Funk!

The Supa Funk is an old-school, dual band envelope filter designed for some serious stank! Featuring a responsive and articulate attack generator and expanded control set with our new Color knob that blends in a second low-pass filter, you can go from a classic bom-chicka-wow-wow funk, all the way to rich, throaty and vocal filter sweeps.

Dig some old school quack? Turn down the color knob , dial in the frequency and dig in. Looking for some extra beef and texture? Crank up the color knob and bring in that second filter until it’s just right!

To complete it’s all analog funkariffic tonal pallet, the Supa Funk is housed in a beautiful 70’s retro themed enclosure with top jacks and soft touch true-bypass switching and is built entirely by a passionate team of gearheads in our Montreal shop.

Main Features Include:
- Dual blendable low pass filters
- Tunable envelope generator with depth, frequency and attack controls
- Direction switch for forward or reverse sweeps
- Suitable for guitar, bass, synth/keys and other electronic applications
- All analog audio path and envelope generator
- Top jacks & soft touch relay true bypass switching

Plug in and mash that stomp switch if you’re ready to get down and supply the groove and this little box will bring the funk.