Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb

With over 20 diverse reverb engines, dual reverb processors, full MIDI functionality, stereo inputs and outputs, external expression capabilities, and advanced effects editing and signal routing options via the Neuro Desktop and Mobile App Editors. The pedal features an exceptional collection of rich, spacious tones, including realistic analog reverbs, natural replications of large and small acoustic spaces, and an intriguing and highly musical selection of unnatural tones. It also features Spillover so you can move from preset to preset without abbrupt cut offs. Over 20 Diverse Reverb Engines Choose from vintage Spring, Plate, and Hall sounds, natural Room sounds, and unnatural Shimmer, Reverse, and Swell reverbs. 12 factory reverb engines are available out of the box with additional engines available via the Neuro Mobile App or Desktop Editor.Dual Reverb ProcessorsThis pedal features two completely independent reverb processors essentially providing two high powered reverb pedals in a single enclosure. Its dual reverb platform gives the pedal massive processing power as well as some highly advanced features like unlimited Preset Spillover and the ability to combine two reverb effects in either series or parallel.Signal Routing OptionsVentris is equally at home in a mono or stereo rig. Every reverb effect engine works in True Stereo (stereo in stereo out), Mono to Mono, Mono to Stereo, Mono to Mono plus dry signal to Output 2, and more. It is also possible to create an external effects loop.Features:Over 20 Diverse Reverb Engines, Dual Reverb Processing, and Dual Reverb Presets (In Series or Parallel)Compact Design with Flexible Stereo RoutingProgrammable Presets with Preset SpilloverAnalog Dry Through and Universal Bypass Deep Control SetCompatible with Neuro Desktop and Mobile App EditorsAC Adapter and 1/8 to 1/4 Cable for Neuro Mobile App Connection Included