Sundown SD1012C 1x12" Tube Guitar Combo Amp #501036

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You're looking at an excellent condition Sundown SD1012C guitar amp from the 80's. Everything works as it should and this amp sounds great! Everything is original aside from the speaker. The original speaker has been replaced with a Celestion G12M. The footswitch is not included. A copy of the original owner's manual is included.

- Individually adjustable tone controls on each channel
* Green Channel: Gain, High, Low
* Red Channel: Gain, Master, High, Mid, Low & Governor
* Both Channels: RMS control & Governor, Reverb & Presence on rear panel
- Green & Red LED channel indicator
- Individual effect loop for each channel
- Two input jacks: one normal, one high sensitivity
- Full size reverb unit
- Special heavy duty power switch incorporating on/off/standby
- Two speaker out jacks
- Line out jack hi-z standard
- Three position ground switch

**** This amp was owned by Amir Derakh and used with his band Julien-K ****