Vintage 1970 Gibson Les Paul Personal Guitar and Case

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Here is an all original 1970 Gibson Les Paul Personal. This guitar comes complete with a 1/4 inch to XLR cable and Shure A95u low impedance adapter so you can play it through a normal guitar amp. It is 100% ready to be played on any normal guitar amplifier with this adapter. It can also be played without the adapter on any low impedance amplifier or any mixing desk These low impedance pickups sound absolutely incredible. There are so many tonal options to be found on this guitar. This truly is one of the most amazing sounding Gibson guitars I’ve ever played. I understand why Les Paul used these pickups and this model his whole career. The pickups are clean with no hum. The decade dial allows for 10 completely different tones. This guitar is very clean and completely original. It comes with the original case which is in excellent condition. The guitar is heavy at 12 pounds but it’s perfectly balanced and sits well with a strap on.  

Not many of these were made and many people don’t understand how to properly use them. Without the adapter, the sound of these guitars is incredibly thin and quiet in a normal guitar amp. With the proper adapter, this guitar comes to life in ways that you wouldn’t believe. Only about 200 were made and they don’t come up for sale often. Amazing guitar for recording and playing live.  

Along with the normal 1/4 guitar output, this guitar also has an interest wing feature. There is an XLR input on the upper bout with volume control. This is designed to be used with a gooseneck microphone. A guitarist could plug the microphone into the guitar and be able to walk around and talk or sing while playing. And you’re able to adjust the volume of the guitar and the microphone separately. Kind of a cool feature and you can see plenty videos of Les Paul using that feature.