Vintage 1977 Guild B-301 Electric Bass Guitar

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Here is an all original 1977 Guild B-301 bass. Finish is in decent condition overall and the bass plays pretty nicely all the way up the neck. Pickup sounds great. Fat neck on this one. Neck has a slight bow which may me adjusted with the truss rod, but we don’t have the correct size tool to try. It’s a smaller nut than a Gibson would use. This bass plays pretty nicely as is. The bridge has a pick and a dime underneath two of the saddles to get better action. The original bridge is not adjustable up and down and this was the original owners solution. It actually works well and the intonation is spot on. It’s been used and played a lot over the years and it shows. With a little bit of work this could be ready for the stage for many more years. Really a cool looking bass. Comes with a gig bag.