Walrus Audio Canvas Re-Amp

Adding another tool to the musical paint pallet, Walrus Audio is creating another way to design your tone with the Canvas Passive Re-Amp. The Re-Amp is a studio tool designed to send recorded guitar, drums, or other instrument tracks from your recording session through pedals and effects, or different amp combinations. The Re-Amp makes its appearance to facilitate all-new ways to experiment with your songs.

Artists and producers can save time on tracking sessions by recording dry tracks first, then using Canvas Re-Amp's custom transformer to convert line-level signals, optimizing them to work with amps and guitar pedals of any kind to explore limitless tones and sounds.

Canvas Features:

- Send previously recorded guitar tracks, drums, or other instruments through pedals and effects, or different amp combinations.
- Track your audio first then re-amp later through any amp and pedal combination you choose.
- Flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 20k Hz.
- Custom wound transformer that converts the impedance of your signal to work with guitar pedals and amplifiers.
- Converts ¼" balanced or XLR input from your DAW/Interface to unbalanced ¼" output to pedals or amps.
- Ground lift for reducing hum if present on XLR input.
- Phase Inversion switch for phase cancellation when needed.

The Canvas Re-Amp is packaged in a custom powder-coated black aluminum enclosure. The die-cast enclosure's exact size including knob/switches is 4.8" x 3.06" x 1.6".