Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Fuzz

The Fundamental Fuzz is a 3-mode aggressive fuzz pedal with a wide tonal range. It can live anywhere in your chain: hit it with your favorite overdrive or push it into another crazy distortion.

- Gain – The Gain slider sets the amount of gain applied to your guitar signal passing through the fuzz circuit.
- Tone – The Tone slider controls the frequency response of the signal after distortion. Below center cuts highs and above center cuts lows.
- Volume – The Volume slider sets the overall output volume of the pedal.
- Slide Switch – The slide switch allows you to change between 3 distinct different flavors of the pedal. Each position has different clipping modes or tone profiles.
- Gate - Lowers bias voltage in main fuzz section, creating a gated and starved sound. Note: Changing the bias lowers the overall level of the pedal compared to the other modes. With plenty of gain on tap, use the Volume slider to compensate.
- Classic - Screaming fuzz with an iconic mid scoop. Compressed and crunchy
- Mid+ - Adds mid boost to flatten out the tone stage. Compressed and full
- Bypass Switch – Turns the effect on and off.
- Bypass LED - Illuminated when the effect is engaged.
- Input Jack - 1/4 inch cable from instrument.
- Output Jack - 1/4 inch cable to amplifier.
- 9v Jack – 9-volt DC, Center Negative, 100mA min.