Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Reverb

The Fundamental Reverb provides you with the core sounds of ambient effects. With 3 reverb algorithms, you can go from ambients hall to an analog spring emulation, as well as a bright plate emulation.

- Time: Control the amount of reverb decay time. Left is minimum and right is maximum.
- Feedback: Control the amount of wet reverberated signal that is fed back into the signal.
- Mix: Control the mix of the effect and the original clean signal. All the way to the left is fully clean, and all the way to the right is fully Reverb.
- Slide Switch – The slide switch allows you to change between 3 distinct Reverb algorithms.
- Hall – Emulates the large sounds of an acoustic hall.
- Spring – Emulates spring reverb commonly found in tube amps.
- Plate – Emulates a smooth analog plate reverb.
- Bypass Switch – Turns the effect on and off.
- Bypass LED - Illuminated when the effect is engaged.
- Trails Modes – Hold down the stomp switch when applying power to the pedal.
- Input Jack - 1/4 inch cable from the instrument.
- Output Jack - 1/4 inch cable to amplifier.
- 9v Jack – 9-volt DC, Center Negative, 100mA min.